An Open Letter to my Democrat Friends

I’m not a Republican. I’m actually a Libertarian who embraces free markets, as small a government as reasonably achievable, individual freedom, and natural law for everyone. And for many years, I just politely smiled and attempted to exchange pleasantries when my liberal friends ranted about those evil, “rascally Republicans who wanted to starve children, dirty the water, and throw old people out on the street” – as if there is a significant difference between the two parties. Of late however, the level of hate, tyranny, and, hypofrontality coming from the left has become intolerable. I need to tell the typical Democrat (in love) to wake the fuck up – you’re on the wrong side of history. If you seriously think Trump is America’s biggest problem, you are uninformed and need to lose the bumper sticker level intellect because you’re what Lenin termed “useful idiots”. For the last few years I took the time to catalogue leftist stupidity and wickedness often in their own words. It’s now 1938 Germany all over again and I won’t have some young person look up at me and wondering why I didn’t say anything when it was happening. Here is a short and incomplete summary:

Socialists comprised of communists, fascists, and other varieties (all are leftists) are the most vicious murderers in world history. Communists alone killed an estimated 210 million people in the last century. If you don’t think that can’t happen here, you are committing the fallacy of normalcy bias. All genocide begins with arms confiscation and of all the fools the moon shines upon, none is greater than he who willingly surrenders his arms to socialists.

The Democrat Party is the the party of hate. The Democrat Party is the source of slavery, the KKK, eugenics, the trail of tears, and a literal model for the Nazi Party. They’re not the care bears they posture themselves as. They said nothing when Bill Clinton caused the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children, when Obama was murdering one Yemeni child every ten minutes, when Hillary created the carnage known as ISIS, and dropped bombs on seven Muslim countries (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan) – in 2016, at the rate of three bombs ever hour, 24 hours a day. But while they’re quiet about genocide in the middle east, they have no tension in their support for a religion which executes gays and enslaves women because it would be politically incorrect to mention it. They’re all too happy to throw people Like Tommy Robinson in jail for reporting on the Muslim sex trafficking of little girls. The Democrat Party (DP) does not really care for immigrants and here is the litmus test: If it were Republicans, Libertarians, Whites, Constitutionalists, Christians, etc. rushing over the border, would they still advocate open borders? I think not. The DP immigration policy is about two things: 1) gaining socialist voters and 2) the globalist destruction of Western Civilization via the Cloward-Piven Strategy. Moreover, I have never witnessed hearts wax so cold than in the DP demonization of anyone who even suggests that we, as a society, can do better than aborting 18 million black babies in what is a carefully Planned genocide.

The Cultural Marxism is really getting retarded. It’s a moral and intellectual insult to human nature. For example, the author of the most popular college sociology text (from my own Alma Mater of UMass) claimed that reason and logic was just a social construct for white males. This is an act of hate and devaluation to anyone who isn’t a white male. Those of you teaching Cultural Marxism and the Postmodern Synthesis in the classroom are bastardizing the profession with indoctrination and harmful, self-referentially refuting lies. The DP also co-opted smart environmental care into a Marxist scam to control populations.

Socialism makes the elite richer and poor poorer and invariably ends in dictatorship. In Venzuela, for example, they are eating their pets. Here in the U.S., Obama spent more than all other presidents COMBINED, doubling the national debt. Where did that money go? The man on the street? The poor? No, the poor and middle class are paying the debt plus interest on all that spending while the money went to Wall Street. Same with liberal big education, including universities with billions in trust, which charges students as much money as the government will lend them turning them into debt slaves who can’t buy homes and start families and dumb them down in the process. In the same way, big government was complicit in the 2008 economic crisis when it forced banks to lend to those who couldn’t afford the homes. Here again and under Obama, the government forced the taxpayer to bailout the big banks and brokerage houses making the rich richer and the poor poorer. In the next crisis, your own pensions and bank accounts will get a big hair cut with your own big government to blame for it. Moreover, few people correctly understand that fascists are leftists as much as communists are. Nobel Laureate Friedrich Von Hayek rightly explained that both communists and fascists are leftists, grouped together as “collectivists” – with fascists being on the right of the collectivists and communists being on the left of the collectivists. Von Hayek, writing in The Road to Serfdom, also pointed out that the roots of anti-Semitism are a hatred for capitalism. (I don’t have the space to delineate here why it is so, but claims that socialism works by pointing to Nordic countries is patently false.

All this diversity mongering actually harms the people it purposes to help. The DP patronizes so-called “minorities” with the soft bigotry of low expectations and it’s assumption that all people of a given class think and behave alike is in itself racist. There is often more diversity within the often artificial classes than between them. The DP has turned our educational system into hateful indoctrination. The vision of Martin Luther King was a colorblind society- this is not what the DP wants. Their goal is to fractionalize humanity into as many pieces as possible.

The mainstreamliberalpress is pure bullshit and lies far more often than it tells the truth.

This could go on ad infinitum, suffice it to say- there is nothing to be friends with for a group of people that embrace lies, attempts to fractionate humanity as much as possible into smaller and smaller groups, strives to dumb people down, advocates endless and deathly BIG government control and corporate surveillance, thinks its ok to lie about rape, embraces censorship & double standards, and eschews reason and logic. I don’t want to live in your world and I think you’re screwing over your own kids, your own family, by placing them under globalist control. Good luck in your 1984 Orwellian Thought Police world when the globalists are done with you. If you’re feeling some cognitive dissonance over all this insanity and the dissolution of the greatest experiment in human freedom for all people, start with Dinesh D’Souza’s Death of a Nation.


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