Brainwashed the DocuMovie Part One

Twelve Historically Documented Tactics Actively Used By The Communists To Capture The Minds of Americans & Collapse The United States From Within

12 Mind-Control Tactics

Here 12 takeaways from Howse’s documentary, which unlike his previous films is available for free online straming at

1) Remove or discredit leaders that are principled, courageous, and people of conviction and morality.

2) Entice the brainwashing subjects into questioning and doubting their fundamental worldview values and convictions.

3) Teach a revisionist history that portrays America’s capitalist free-market system as the source of all oppression and suffering.

4) Teach moral relativism and situational ethics in order to destroy morality and character.

5) Teach the importance of group consensus and collectivism, and the danger and consequence of individuality.

6) Teach feelings and personal subjective experiences over facts, reason, logic and context.

7) Put the brainwashing subject into a state of fear, anxiety, confusion, and social turbulence in order to diminish the subjects’ ability to think critically using reason, logic and context.  The ultimate goal is to force the subject to surrender his or her values, and worldview to those of the change agents and their controlled and crafted group consensus. 

 8) Conceal the lies and evil agenda of the propagandist behind masking terms that sound good, but are chosen to shame and manipulate the targeted subjects into willingly embracing their own demise. 

 9) Use individuals in trusted institutions and occupations to give credibility to the worldview and values being introduced into the brainwashing subjects.

10) Set up a system of rewards, honor, recognition and advancement for those who embrace the worldview and values of the brainwashing program. Apply punitive consequences to any worldview and values that are contrary to the chosen worldview and values being inserted into the brainwashing subject.

11) Use informants, gossips and tattletales to report on noncompliance and groups.

12) Create an atmosphere and environment of chaos, suffering, hopelessness and danger and then rescue the subjects from this condition so that the persecutor is perceived as being a friend, protector and savior [classic Stockholm syndrome].

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