China’s secret strategy to replace America as the global superpower

The Hundred-Year Marathon by Dr. Michael Pillsbury


See: L. Todd Wood | The Washington Times Tuesday, August 14, 2018

With the recent news about the monopoly of hi-tech companies in the United States de-platforming Alex Jones from their systems — in effect, attempting to limit the audience that see his material — it would be wise for Americans to look deeper at the agenda behind this move. I have come to believe the reasons for this action are much more sinister than blocking hate speech, which is a euphemism for censorship.

Before you start screaming about Sandy Hook, let me first make clear that I lived in Newtown, CT, during the shootings. I am not vouching for Alex Jones. I cannot condone what he said during that time, although now he recants much of it. My son’s piano teacher’s son was murdered. The tragedy touched our family and I can confirm for sure the shootings were very real. I know other families personally who lost their children and I understand the unbearable pain these people will feel for the rest of their lives.

But that is not the point here. The point of this article is to discuss threats to the United States…now let us please proceed.

Where Alex Jones has been very spot on is the threat that communist China poses to our future and our way of life, and how this threat has corrupted our government, our education system and much of our hi-tech industry.

Did you know that Google just opened an artificial intelligence center in China, formed to help China jump ahead of the United States in this crucial technology? “The science of AI has no borders, neither do its benefits,” Fei-Fei Li, chief scientist at Google’s AI business said recently in a blog post. Interesting isn’t it? I guess he doesn’t know China has a huge internet border called the great fire wall, where it prevents its citizens from knowing global truth. Did you know at the same time Google recently let a Department of Defense contract expire without renewal due to their engineer’s refusal to work for the DOD, or to put another way, refused to defend America?

Did you know Apple is assisting China in its vast Orwellian censorship of the internet by deleting apps off its platform China doesn’t like?

Last evening I decided to watch Mark Levin’s new show on Fox News; the subject was fascinating. The guest was Michael Pillsbury, a China expert with decades of experience working in the U.S. government for multiple administrations. His comments were chilling. He has just released a work titled, The Hundred Year Marathon. I downloaded the book and stayed up all night to read it. Here are the take aways:

False assumption number 1: Engagement with China brings complete cooperation. It hasn’t. After decades of America assisting in China’s rise, they are more of a threat now to our way of life and security than ever.

False assumption number 2: China is on the road to democracy. They are not. They are a hard core totalitarian system that seeks domination over the United States.

False assumption number 3: China is a fragile power. They are not. This is a ruse to lull the West to sleep over their true designs, until it is too late, adhering to ancient Chinese tactics. (The Art of War)

False assumption number 4: China wants to be, and is, just like us. They are not. In decades, China will still be a hostile adversary, bent on our subjugation to their power. Only then, their economy will be much larger than ours. They are using deception and subterfuge to blind

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