Doctors Sell Out Patients To DHS

The relationship between and patient should be sacrosanct, especially given the Hippocratic Oath, but after following a link in the details of The Next News Network video shown below, titled “DHS/FEMA CREATE PATIENT TRACKING SYSTEM,” we come to an article over a website called MassPrivateI, which is astounding in what it reveals.

The amount of research and links provided backing up each of the assertions deserves high praise….. the writer has done an outstanding job showing that not only are doctors and willingly helping DHS and FEMA track patients, they are doing so all the way to the morgue…..

Teletracking has a close relationship with DHS, click herehere & here to see a few examples.
Because Versus Tech has a close relationship with Teletracking, GE Healhcare and Cerner Corporation, if you connect the dots, Versus Technology works with DHS indirectly.

Centrak has a close relationship with DHS, click here, to see how they work with the Department of Veterans Affairs government office. Cemtrak, also has a close relationship with the U.S. Army’sAdvanced Chemistry Laboratory.

Stanley Healthcare which is part of (Stanley Security) has a close relationship with DHS, click here,here & here to see a few examples. Click here to read more about Stanley Healthcare’s patient tracking tech.

COMCARE, a national advocacy organization has helped to create a NATIONAL patient tracking system backed by FEMA

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