R.I.P. America


#1. Printing of $4 trillion dollars to be divided by all the evil Democrats and Globalists who fixed the election. (U.S. national debt sky-rocketed from $9 trillion during the Obama tyranny).

#2. Opening of all U.S. borders with zero policing for guns, disease, kidnapped children, drugs, etc.

#3. A mass-murder event will be staged with automatic weapons used so the Left can begin (again) the mass gun confiscation scheme across America.

#4. The firing of every Government worker who doesn’t bow down and kiss the ring of the leaders of the New World Order, all while massively expanding the government to ensure stealing all future elections.

#5. Complete 100 percent censorship of anyone who bad mouths the New World Order in any way, whether by social media, YouTube, text or via email, with monetary fines and possible jail time.

#6. Covid or any new virus numbers will “skyrocket” and the whole country will be on nationwide mandatory lockdown, with only the top corporations benefiting from selling GMO food, toxic pharma medications or deadly vaccines.

#7. Forced vaccination at gunpoint at your front door begins, with a vaccine that kills you in the next few years, via microchip tracker and trojan horse “kill switch” meds. Resist and you will be sent to the FEMA concentration camps for “re-education” Soros style. (George Soros is the new Adolf Hitler.)

#8. Massive food and fuel shortages, plus massive power outages, ensue across America with intolerable inflation.

#9. The middle class is wiped out within a few months, no small or medium sized businesses will survive – they will all simply vanish, never to return.

#10. Massive federal land grab will begin, foreclosures by the millions (all sold off to the Chinese at liquidation-style clearance prices).

#11. Wars will break out across the globe, so the insane Demoncrats can pretend to try to install democracy while laundering trillions HalliBurton style. (Yes, Dick Cheney made $5 billion off the unnecessary Iraq War).



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