Hydroxychloroquine Works on CoVid-19

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I Very odd that the second largest HCQ plant in the world was blown up.

II Peer reviewed Studies & Physician Commentaries
HCQ is effective for COVID-19. The probability that an ineffective treatment generated results as positive as the 180 studies to date is estimated to be 1 in 12 quadrillion (p = 0.000000000000000084).
Early treatment is most successful, with 100% of studies reporting a positive effect and an estimated reduction of 65% in the effect measured (death, hospitalization, etc.) using a random effects meta-analysis, RR 0.35 [0.26-0.45].
91% of Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) for early, PrEP, or PEP treatment report positive effects, the probability of this happening for an ineffective treatment is 0.0059.
There is evidence of bias towards publishing negative results. 88% of prospective studies report positive effects, and only 78% of retrospective studies do.
Studies from North America are 3.8 times more likely to report negative results than studies from the rest of the world combined, p = 0.000002.
III Fraud Regarding HCQ Was Committed TO Harm Trump And Increase The Body Count
IV Media Lies About Hydroxychloroquine
CNN: “President Trump is wrong in so many ways about hydroxychloroquine studies. Here are the facts.” — Can anyone remember the last time CNN published ‘facts’ about anything subject having anything at all to do with Donald Trump? Neither can we.
The Washington Post: “For Fox News hosts, the hydroxychloroquine controversy is fuel for the culture war.” — The Post, which has been so wrong on practically everything having to do with the president and his administration, couldn’t resist taking a dig at the No. 1 cable news outlet while also bashing Trump and hydroxychloroquine. And by the way, hydroxychloroquine use is only “controversial” because these media sycophants have declared it so.
The Verge: “Trump’s chloroquine hype is a misinformation problem bigger than social media.” We checked and there are no medical researchers or patients who have been given the drug and recovered involved in the writing of this story. We did find this line in the story, though: “There’s been a study with tentatively positive results (and some serious limitations), but also a few studies that show little to no therapeutic effect.”
The New Republic: “How Hydroxychloroquine Became Conservative Media’s Coronavirus Miracle Drug.” Right. It’s a “conservative media drug.” Can you say “lame?”

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