Infowars: Communists Allowed to Plan Violent Insurrection on Twitter

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Communists Allowed to Plan Violent Insurrection on Twitter – September 28, 2018

Communist activists went to Twitter this week to hold a discussion on the best strategies for an armed insurrection “against the right.”Dr. Bones, co-host of left-wing podcast “The Guillotine,” asked “military minded lefties” about the best strategy for carrying out an “insurgency” within the United States.The podcast host encouraged his followers to “organize as hidden cells” and bleed right-leaning forces dry by focusing on ambushes and assassinations.Many followers chimed in on the thread, most advocating small cells who blend in with the rest of society, “like a fish swims in the sea.”

According to PJ Media, Twitter user Captain Howdy, who said “guerillas should blend in with the population,” has previously encouraged his followers to dox GOP officials and offered to pay someone to assassinate Trump.

Despite multiple discussions focused on violent political attacks, the account remains active.

Meanwhile, Infowars continues to be silenced by Twitter as seen in the video below:

Twitter Allows Communists To Plan An Armed Insurrection On Their Platform

We’re in a fight…

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