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Merely reporting on what Dr. Pieczenik is saying, as these claims are newsworthy and incredibly important. We are in the process of investigating further.

Among the seemingly incredible claims made by Pieczenik include the following:
  • The ballots used in the election were printed by the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Every legitimate ballot across America was watermarked with QFS blockchain encryption codes.
  • Trump was fully aware of the sting operation and is still allowing the Dems to dig themselves deeper into their election fraud.
  • The sophisticated sting operation was intended to catch and expose the massive vote fraud of the Democrats.
  • Everything you’re seeing right now with the ballot fraud was completely expected by Trump’s people.
  • “Thousands and thousands of National Guard [troops]” have been sent to 12 states right now, to assist in securing the legitimate ballots and throwing out the fake ballots printed up by Democrats as part of their fraud operation.
  • This sting will expose the entire Biden family and get them all convicted and sent to prison.
  • “We watermarked all the ballots with QFS blockchain,” and sent 20,000 or more National Guard troops to the ballot centers.
  • The few members of the media who were allowed to be read in on this operation were able to keep it secret all this time, and Pieczenik thanks them for doing so.
  • “This has been a set up by Trump for a long, long time,” he says. “This is our counter-coup against the Bidens.”
  • Arrests are coming right away. “As of tomorrow,” he says, and it will continue for a long time to come.
  • “This is the biggest sting operation” in the history of America.

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