Marxist Psychopathy

Marxism is both tragedy and farce

“Even though Marxism is thought of as an economic system, for the head-psychopath-in-charge the economic aspects of Marxism are irrelevant. The attraction of Marxism is that it gives Marxists control over others. Marxism is the primary element in the psychopathic mask of Marxists, and provides a false rationale for Marxist control of all aspects of a state and its citizens. Marxism is not about economics; Marxism is about the psychopath’s control of other people — their finances, their behaviors, their ways of thinking, their lives. True believers in economic Marxism are gullible psychopath enablers and followers, and are not commonly themselves psychopathic.

The farce of Marxism is demonstrated when the world’s worst mental disorder traduces otherwise capable people into a worldwide activity to their own detriment. Psychopaths could not build elaborate systems without supporters; psychopath supporters are not stupid, and some are very intelligent.  But these supporters are certainly susceptible to the charming and horrific nonsense spouted by destructive psychopaths.”

You may take this thesis, make minor adjustments for culture and geography, substitute “militant Islam” for “Marxism,” and the premise remains equally valid.”

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