William Dembski on What “Information” Is


What concept could be more fundamental to intelligent design theory than “information”? None, but what exactly does the word mean in the context that we use it? William Dembski explains.


His new book, Being as Communion: A Metaphysics of Information, is out this autumn but YOU STILL HAVE SIX DAYS to take advantage of the wonderful discount, 35 percent off the suggested retail price including free shipping, if you pre-order by September 30! 

Quality Control Is a Design Concept at Work in the Cell


The term “quality control” appears with regularity in scientific papers about the cell. It’s as if the cell knows that it cannot put inferior products out in its marketplace and expect to survive in business.

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Coming Next Month, It’s The Unofficial Guide to Cosmos


As we have shown in detail at Evolution News & Views, Tyson’s series Cosmos, for which he’s best known, is chockfull of agenda-driven distortions. That is why it’s a pleasure to be able to announce the upcoming release of an important new book, The Unofficial Guide to Cosmos: Fact and Fiction in Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Landmark Science Series.

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