Phoenix: Social Justice Warriors and the 7 Major Negative Emotions

In Napoleon Hill’s classic 1937 self-help book Think & Grow Rich, there is a section within the “Subconscious Mind” chapter that explores the so-called seven major positive emotions (desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance, hope) and the seven major negative emotions (fear, jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, superstition, anger).

The seven major positive emotions are routinely used in creative efforts and are synonymous with happiness and the kind of success that the reader should strive to emulate or attain (within reason, of course).  On the other hand, the seven major negative emotions are regularly expressed by people who are a drain on the soul and probably on a downward spiral personally, professionally, and financially.

Fast-forwarded to the late 2010s, what type of thorn in the side of decent, hardworking, and traditional people in the United States best embodies the seven major negative emotions?  Why, it’s none other than social justice warriors.

I. The Emotion of Fear

The life of an SJW is filled with irrational fears and slippery-slope diatribes that breach the level of absurdity.

For instance, when Donald Trump was elected president, they thought he was “literally Hitler!” and was going to strip all women, homosexuals, and non-whites (essentially everyone but straight white males) of their civil liberties.

None of these hyperbole-laced arguments has come to pass.

The United States continues to be one of the top countries in the world that offers its women, as well as its racial and sexual minorities, an astoundingly high degree of civil liberties, protections, and even outright privileges that white men cannot take advantage of.

II. The Emotion of Jealousy

SJWs exhibit a truly remarkable level of jealousy, particularly when it comes to financial compensation and the general topic of income inequality.

Many of them find it the crime of the century that petroleum engineers who studied diligently for many years, only to then have to work in some of the most unpleasant conditions imaginable, actually make more money than McDonald’s burger-flippers or pumpkin spice latte-decorators at Starbucks.

Oh, the horror!  But it’s (insert current year)!  Society should have total income equality by now!

III. The Emotion of Hatred

SJWs hate decency, restraint, non-profane verbal discourse, property rights, traditional values, and even their own countries’ histories and ancestors.

In recent years, this level of hatred has reached such breaking points to where they tear down public monuments, smash bike locks over people’s heads, and aggressively harass people on the streets of Portland and elsewhere.

Constant hatred can never be channeled into something constructive, and being constructive is not the forte of SJWs.

IV. The Emotion of Revenge

SJWs repeatedly espouse “love” and “equality” for everyone, but it’s pure folly to ignore that revenge against white men is a core component of their manifesto.

In their narrow-minded world, white men (and white men only) have been the source of all suffering and wrongdoing on this planet, and their ascent to power and wealth has come only through female oppression, slavery, land and resource theft from abroad, wars of conquest, and a laundry list of other naughty endeavors.

(To them, major atrocities committed by non-whites such as the Barbary pirates and their Islamic slave trade, Islamic invasions of Europe, Chinese civil wars with eight-figure body counts, the conquests of Tamerlane, the brutality of Imperial Japan, the Rwandan genocide, the ongoing existence of slavery in Mauritania, and the ongoing mass murder and rape in the Democratic Republic of the Congo simply don’t compute.)

This thirst for revenge against white men can be achieved only by displacing as many white men as possible from prestigious jobs, tearing down as many statues of white men as possible, and then working hard to have their polar opposite as the replacement.  Harriet Tubman replacing Andrew Jackson on the U.S. twenty-dollar bill and the high-profile smear campaign against Brett Kavanaugh are perfect examples.

V. The Emotion of Greed

SJWs are a greedy lot, and many of them increasingly act like all sources of financial stress and toil in life should be eliminated via their “it’s the current year” arguments.

Housing?  That should be free.  Rides on the subway?  Those should be free, too.  The latest and greatest smartphone offering?  Free!  The cost of my gender studies degree?  Oh, you know that’s gotta be free.

Heck, they’ll think round-trip airfares to Thailand so they can hug elephants for their Instagram feed should be free before long.

VI. The Emotion of Superstition

One of the primary descriptors of “superstition” is assuming false conceptions of causation, and SJWs are riddled with such poor modes of thinking.  For instance, don’t even try making a civil and intellectual argument with them about the highly disproportionate black crime rates in the United States.

Despite overwhelming empirical evidence and data that show that it is primarily poor life choices (made under free will) that leads to so many young black men being incarcerated, SJWs will superstitiously insist that only the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, and “white supremacy” have created this problem.

VII. The Emotion of Anger

SJWs are always angry and almost never genuinely happy or content.  There’s always something or someone out there who must be “resisted” in some way.

Around such people, no trash can is safe from being picked up and hurled in a fit of anger if someone you don’t like is about to give a speech at the local university.  Just a simple speech!

People who are constantly angry are awful to work with, a complete social buzzkill, and are probably not succeeding in their personal and professional lives.

In summary, avoid SJWs and all their negative emotions.  Choose winners.


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