Powerline: Who’s the Stupid Party?

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Who’s the Stupid Party? [With comment by Paul]

Some conservatives still like to call the Republicans the Stupid Party, but I say: not while the Democrats are around.

Michael Ramirez speaks for me; click to enlarge:


Hillary Clinton: if she isn’t the most overrated American in history, who is? The woman has been exposed as a dope. What did she do that made people think she had talent? No one can remember. One aspect of her emails that others have commented on, but we haven’t mentioned here, is how out of touch she is. “Please print” is pretty much her repertoire of responses. Then there is the epic exchange in which Hillary has a new iPad and is trying to figure out how to use it. Note how the conversation unfolds. “Evergreen” is Hillary:

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.50.58 PM

“Do I need to charge it?” Hilarious! This is what follows:

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.52.19 PM

God only knows what they redacted. But note this tidbit: “Do you have WiFi in whatever home you’re in now?” How many homes do the Clintons own? Who knows? Is there WiFi in this one? Who knows? Certainly not Hillary! Here is her response:

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.54.24 PM

Thank goodness this woman isn’t in junior high school. If she were, she would be considered an idiot. Is there a more clueless, out of touch person in America than Hillary Clinton? I certainly can’t think of one. Well, give me time. But she surely must be in the top ten.

The Stupid Party: that’s the Democrats, all over, and Hillary is their exemplar.

PAUL ADDS: Is John being too tough on Hillary? Maybe not. However, her email exchange with “PIR” (minus the part about multiple homes) resembles some of mine with Joe Malchow, our publisher and the man who keeps Power Line up and running.

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