Straight Truth on Fracking

I will add links to this post in the future, but here is a recommended meta-analysis out of Stanford and a summary of the paper by Science 2.0:

Environmental Scientists Make The Environmental Case For Fracking

A strange thing happened during climate change policy debates: Advances in hydraulic fracturing – fracking – put trillions of dollars’ worth of previously unreachable oil and natural gas within humanity’s grasp, and using it led to reductions in CO2 in the United States…..A new paper by environmental scientists is a meta-analysis of 165 academic paper and government databases to examine its influence on local air pollution, earthquakes and clean water.

Citation: Robert B. Jackson, Avner Vengosh, J. William Carey, Richard J. Davies, Thomas H. Darrah, Francis O’Sullivan, and Gabrielle Pétron, ‘The Environmental Costs and Benefits of Fracking’, DOI: 10.1146/annurev-environ-031113-144051 October 2014 Annual Review of Environment and Resources.
Source: Stanford University


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