The DHS is Incompetent- That’s a Good Thing!

Update: 72 DHS employees on Terrorist Watch List , San Bernardino Killer Passed DHS Vetting!

The DHS is incompetent and that’s a good thing! A frank assessment of the Dept. of Homeland Security finds that its largely not interested in “homeland security” in the colloquial sense of the term. If they were, they would not allow gang members and terrorists to waltz across the border unchallenged. The real job of the DHS is to suppress American rights, to suppress the Tea Party, Libertarians, 2nd Amendment advocates, and those who just plain love freedom more than fascism. The ultimate target of the DHS is, unequivocally, Americans themselves. This is why we want them weak and incompetent like every other nook and cranny of the federal government. Here’s a related story:

Employee exodus from Dept of Homeland Security a growing concern…

Dysfunctional work environment…Abysmal morale…all good. Here’s an example of typical government stupidity biting the wart off it’s own ass:

“Chet Lunner, a former deputy undersecretary in the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis, recalls the time a high-level colleague realized his phone number was wrong on his DHS business card. This was no small matter. The colleague was the person local officials were told to call with critical questions, such as whether someone police arrested had ties to terrorists. No one was calling.

The official asked administrators for new business cards, Lunner recounted. “They say, ‘You can’t have them. We have a policy that we only give out new business cards every 26 weeks.’ ’’


And this comforting:

“By 2010, so many people had left because of “unstable leadership’’ that the team assigned to study Islamist extremists declined from about two dozen people to four or five, recalled Thomas Barnes, a former DHS intelligence analyst. “It decimated us,’’ he said.”

Isn’t that special….250,000 government employees in the DHS and this guy complains that he’s down to “four or five” people studying Islamist extremists! So retarded! Nice to see our tax dollars hard at work!….But they’re not really interested anyway:

“In late 2009, Barnes told his bosses about a new threat, an extremist group gaining notoriety in Nigeria. “No one was interested,’’ he said. “It was way off their radar because we didn’t have any bodies.’’ The group was Boko Haram, which seized international attention this year by kidnapping more than 200 schoolgirls and is seen as a potential threat to the United States.”

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