What To Take If You Contract The Corona Virus and Do Not Have Access To Medical Care

Here is an updated list of what to take if you get the virus but do NOT have access to medical care (only then):

Hydroxychloroquine- Rx2Go.com

There is also Quinine in tonic water, but both the tablets and tonic water MUST be taken with zinc: For the quinine, there’s about 20mg in every 6 ounces of the tonic water and hospitals will dose 200-350 mg three times/day. Also, one may obtain some broad spectrum anti-biotics at Camping Survival.com

Colloidal Silver

Ivermectin: Use 1 click of the dosing syringe per 250 lbs

Corticosteroids Dexamethasone & Budesonide Inhalers- may find at Rx2Go.com


Quercetin + Zinc

Green Tea + Zinc

Primatine (tablets or mist) & Mucinex

Iodine supplement

A nebulizer for a 3% inhaled hydrogen peroxide solution. 

Vitamin D

Chlorine Dioxide

Schizandra Berry Extract




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